My first and only job was as a graphic designer, I do it for work and I do it for fun. My motivation starts with the branding process and by that, I mean the coordinated effort that spans across all senses to propel a meaningful experience. I enjoy every and all aspects of it, so much, that I dedicated time and effort to print, digital, motion, and experiential mediums to be able to lead by example with a hands-on approach, no matter the size of the challenge.
  I worked for Daily Bread, a skate magazine in San Diego for 2 years, doing editorial layouts, more often than not, with just the title of the story as the only guideline to design page spreads, since usually both, photoshoots and copy were in progress.
  During 2 of the 3 seasons of M80, a freestyle motocross show on Fuel TV, I was the lead designer, re-branded the show logo, designed opening graphics, location plates, animated bumpers, low thirds and show credit montages.
  I designed merch graphics for a various of companies and brands on a learn-by-doing approach, I liked it so much, eventually, launched my own apparel brand just so I can learn what it takes to develop tangible branded products and package them with a niche audience in mind.
  I have directed many photo and video shoots for apparel companies, everything from mood boards, shot list prep, to talent and location scouting. 

BPM Apparel 
A personal favorite, I was tasked to create a clothing brand for my employer, everything from the garment designs and sourcing to lifestyle photo and video shoots that were used on marketing materials.

The cherry on top was to be able to design the actual pop-up shops (a mobile version for small events, and a larger version for the parent company brand activations).

While I was the lead designer on this project, the best part about it, was to be able to work with a solid team that had my back and was excited with the vision and to have made long-lasting friendships just from sharing the work on this project. 

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Snowboard Brand Explorations
It all started with a "Design a board graphic" type contest, but I loved working on something snowboarding related, that put my life on pause, after I was done with the board graphics, I wanted to see how could I present the boards on marketing materials, show them in context, everything that I do for my clients, but applied to snowboarding.

I was experimenting with 3D modeling, so I created boots and bindings, just to show context, if I had to develop a concept how could I present my concepts to project stakeholders and develop a whole campaign from it.

Want to know if I won? Let me answer that in person :)

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I would love a chance to show you a bit more of my work, discuss your needs and see if my past experience makes us a good fit for each other.
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