BPM Supreme is a small record pool service out of San Diego, CA. in need of it's own merch line to connect with their DJ audience, the items needed to be appealing to DJs and available for purchase on-line in a boutique-style store that also sold vinyl and DJ gear. 


Starting with a few key products, like shirts and hats, we incorporated existing brand elements from BPM Supreme and introduced some new visual ideas that brought the brand to life through a variety of products that were later promoted through conceptual lifestyle shoots and consistent messaging.

Developed detailed Tech-Packs for product printing and assembly.

Making Off photography by Antonio Cabral

The company hosted a few industry events/ brand activations, featuring DJs and the new clothing brand needed to be represented in a retail-like fashion. I was sent to exploring the venues and taking dimensions available for the store experience.

I came up with this concept that revolved around a neon sign placed in front of a grass-like texture as a way to attract people into the space to first take photos with the sign and then explore the space and the clothing items.

Designed blueprints for and oversee pop-up store development, used at company events

Lifestyle Photography by Dominic Cooley

This project was developed while working in-house at BPM Supreme