My name is Miguel Vega, I'm a Creative Director based in Southern California.
Over the last 19 years, I was fortunate enough to help multiple brands by developing concepts, brand strategy and leading design teams.

Born in Buenos Aires, I studied at the University of Belgrano, hoping to discern how to fuse a fascination for music and design. In 2001 I moved to Southern California, where I found myself working as a graphic designer for the action sports industry. 
In 2002 I started experimenting with live performance visuals in the underground music scene, particularly in the Drum n’ Bass community spanning between San Diego and Los Angeles while, parallel to that, consulting for direct clients as well as established design agencies like Lindeman & Associates, Digitaria/ Mirium, Conover Studio, EFM Agency,  just to name a few.
With the explosion of EDM music culture around 2008, I slowly transition into developing stage/ touring visuals packages and brand design for both, electronic music artists and massive festivals, where I’m able to apply design and branding principles on an area dominated by visual abstraction. 
In 2010 I developed Dataset Clothing, a limited release apparel brand for the low frequency music community,  as an excuse to learn and develop not only tangible products but to experiment with the possibilities behind a niche-brand and it’s application on multiple mediums.

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