For this version, I did minor corrections and wanted to make sure the essence of the original logo was kept intact.

 There were some minor issues with kerning that were corrected
as well as improved legibility by flipping the letter "D"
to its original state, to avoid confusion. 
Side by side comparison

Festivals around the world, small and large, stopped using
artist logos on their promos. 

The reason is to build the festival brand, this allows them to sell a festival and not rely on a specific artist for ticket sales, besides, if one of the artists cancels last minute or is unable to perform, the impact on the audience is minor and the festival can introduce a replacement much easier, as the majority fans are going for the festival experience.

Mark scalability and flexibility
Thanks for the opportunity.
I hope you enjoy my concept, let me know if you have any questions,
you can find me on Instagram @accentcreative