Selected identity works, developed for different clients.
Mark update for  San Francisco based DJ Megalodon
Type treatment for legendary U.K. drum n' bass label Hospital Records, currently available as wearable as a t-shirt / fleece crew neck via their shop.
Brand design for Los Angeles based Touring & Production company AUXX
Mark update for Visual Design Firm Lit Creative based in Los Angeles developing some of today's most innovative world touring music acts.
Brand update for music producer/ Dj project Subtle Mind
Brand update for one of dubstep's most iconic labels Gourmet Beats curated by legendary Joe Nice, currently releasing in both Vinyl and Digital. Watch the case study here.
Logo re-design for New York based Music + Arts print publication Big Up Magazine.
Brand design for club / talent promoter Jiro Tokyo, based in Shibuya, Japan.
Brand design for music producer / engineer and co-founder of Encrypted Audio label, Deafblind.
Brand update for New Mexico based record label Elk Beats.
Sub logo for clothing project Dataset, currently available as wearable in the form of limited edition hats / t-shirt / stickers on their shop.
Brand re-design for music festival Northern Nights taking place in the Humbolt / Mendocino counties in California.
Brand re-design for bay area based producer / dj Ana Sia
Brand design for low frequency oriented wearables Dataset Clothing  based in San Diego, CA
Brand design for the Akari Event Production team, based out of Los Angeles CA.
Logo update for Producer / DJ from the Bay Area, Djunya
Logo design for San Diego based producer / DJ Osal8.
Type treatment for UK based Producer/ DJ duo Matrix & Futurebound
Type treatment for A/V project Sound Design Sessions.
Un-used logo for San Diego weekly night Dub Dynamite.
Type treatment for SD based Experimental Record/ Event label Liquid Geometry.
Logo re-design for San Diego based DJ Ramsey
Type treatment to be used on Reflective T-shirts and Stickers through music based clothing company Dataset Clothing
Type treatment for SF legendary night Dub Mission,
Type treatment to be used on T-shirts, Woven Labels and Stickers through music based clothing company Dataset Clothing
Type treatment to be used on Reflective T-shirts through music based clothing company Dataset Clothing
Logo design for my bass music live visual project, Mig-X
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