GourmetBeats is a digital and vinyl dubstep label curated by legendary dubplate selector, JoeNice and it's aimed to the musical connoisseur in tune with the low frequency system community.

Joe approached us to re-brand his label in order to start commercially releasing some of the tracks he collected and were only available in dubplate format.
The logo was inspired on the old "Auto-Reverse" symbol, found in some cassette players to illustrate the ability by which the direction of play of the tape is automatically reversed at the end of one side in order to play the other side.
In bass music culture, this symbol resonated to us, as a way to "rewind" a track when the audience demonstrated a positive reaction to it, the DJ/ Selector would "rewind / re-load / re-start" the track during his set to repeat the enthusiasm from the crowd. We felt that this was appropriate as the concept behind the rewind, giving Joe's worldwide recognition to find and educate crowds looking for their fix on proper dubstep music.
The GourmetBeats identity should always be surrounded by an area of space to ensure that text, images or any other visual elements do not intrude on the mark, allowing both, brandmark and combination mark enough room to breathe comfortably. 
Aiming to reward record collectors, the GourmetBeats label presents subtle graphic variations with every release, so that the listener could appreciate a visual continuity across the entire catalog and on certain occasions, "easter eggs" can be found on the label as a bonus distinction to the most experienced listeners.