About 'Level 2' 

A follow up to the on-going search at Dataset Clothing to explore the relationships between sound and visual components. The Promo above aims to position the Dataset brand as the leader in the area of wearables for music performers, in the 'bass music' community.

Originally created as an Instagram Promo, utilizing the recently added video feature to connect with followers, as an alternate way to reinforce the Dataset brand.

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An extended 30sec. version was also created to be used on blogs, youtube, vimeo to promote an enhanced audio visual experience to the mobil version of the spot, which by default is limited to 15 sec.

Graphic Process:

The logo was modeled from scratch in Cinema 4D, to have better control of it's geometry animation. The liquid filled 'blob' containing the logo is nothing more than a sphere with an animated texture, to add an organic look to the piece. 

Different scenes were rendered in Cinema 4D, and were later brought to After Effects for editing, color grading and other additional effects. Almost every second of the piece is reacting to the soundtrack in the form of scale, positioning and speed, via sonic frquency analysis via Soundkeys.

Sound Design Process:

An experimental soundtrack was developed for the piece, exploring sub-bass frequencies and futuristic sonic arrangements to convey the idea of forward thingking music. 

The brand sound tag 'Dataset' at the end, was composed & sampled from a Speak & Spell toy, developed by Texas Instruments in 1978. The sample was later brought in to Ableton Live, to be added as the 'retro' element of the piece, since the brand's slogan is "Future / Retro".
Thanks for watching!

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